One of the most exciting days of a girl’s life is when she gets engaged. But instead of going for the traditional route, she decided to propose to her boyfriend using a special GIF book she made just for the occasion.

The couple decided to keep the proposal a secret from their families and friends until the engagement. As soon as they finally did tell someone, they could not stop laughing. Especially since they used a book they knew they would never get rid of.

It took the couple ten days to plan the engagement and even longer to find the perfect engagement ring. But eventually, they came up with a sweet idea, using the help of a professional jeweler. The ring was designed with the help of a wedding website so it could be customized to fit each bride’s taste. After trying on the ring a few times, the couple finally decided to keep it.

They also decided to write a love letter to each other, which they both agreed ended up being one of the most important letters they ever wrote. And the whole thing was captured in a beautiful GIF book. Today, we’ll tell you more about this special project of theirs.

Creating A Proposal GIF Book

When the couple first started dating, they would Skype each other frequently. But as their relationship progressed, they started going out to dinner and even going on family vacations together. It was during one of these vacations that they came up with the idea for the GIF book, inspired by the beautiful engagement ring they were admiring.

They wanted to create a keepsake for their fans and friends, and came up with the idea to make a book of their loved ones’ favorite GIFs. Once they returned from their cruise, they started making calls to their families and friends, asking if they had any favorite funny or cute GIFs they could contribute. They ended up with a pretty hefty list, and the idea for the book was born.

The couple started by visiting several wedding websites, creating a list of the most popular ones they came across. They settled on, as they were able to put in some good input and give some advice about the idealized wedding cake they were envisioning. From there, they were able to choose the perfect wedding ring to propose with.

Looking for inspiration for their wedding day, the couple turned to the internet for help. They came across a blog post by Amanda Lee, who chronicled the process of designing a wedding website. While they were grateful for the blog post, it did not provide enough information for them to actually put together an entire website. So they reached out to Amanda, who was more than happy to help them out.

Together, the two of them created a mock wedding website, using the basic framework of Once the site was up and running, the couple could begin adding content, such as photos, videos, and even music. They also added in other websites they liked, like Reddit and TikTok, to create a comprehensive guide for future newlyweds or those planning weddings in the future.

During this process, the couple kept adding more and more content to the website, until they finally had an entire book of favorite memes. As they were both tech-savvy and used to working with technology, making this book was not hard for them. But it was a labor of love and they really wanted to give it a special touch.

The Result

A few months later, the book was finally done and the couple was able to give it its final touch. They personalized the book with a dedication and a sweet message, signing it with their initials. They also included a special message for future brides and grooms.

When the book came in the mail, it was well-packed and ready to give as a present. The couple got down on one knee, with the book in-hand, and presented it to their beloved. It was such a touching moment, seeing them cut off the engagement ring and pop the question. They both just laughed, recalling the moment. And from there, the rest is history.

The book became a much-needed inspiration for the couple. They actually kept it for years, showing it to their friends and family members as a symbol of their enduring love. They also kept it as a memento of their special day, holding on to the last page as a reminder of the love they felt that day. It was such a beautiful gesture and they knew their followers would be touched by it.

This is just one of the many sweet stories we could tell you about this lovely couple. They were such a joy to work with and did all of this for their fans and friends. We’re sure anyone would be lucky to have this book, as a symbol of their love or as a gift for any memorable occasion.