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there are many of you who want to look for a good pg to stay in right? But do you really think before you pick a pg? come on, there are many good PGs out there that you can pick once you have the right points in mind. After all, most of the people do live in PGs and they are happy with their life because they have made a right choice at the time of choosing a PG.

In this post you would get to know about the things that you should be sure about. You can easily get the Best pg near Manyata tech park or in any area you desire once you have the right points in your mind. Have a look at the following points and you would definitely get the best PG for yourself.

The locality 

The foremost thing is the locality. You have to find out in which locality you are looking for the PG. you have to pick a locality that is comfortable, suitable and absolutely safe for you. indeed, if your office or where you study is far from your PG locality, that would be of no use. Come on, you cannot spend extensively on the traveling because of long distance between your PG and the institution or office you work at.

Your budget 

The second thing has to do with your budget. Do you have a proper budget in mind? How many pennies can you save every month to spend on your PG? come on, there are PGs that are absolutely luxurious and also the ones that are normal but good. You can pick as per your budget. Moreover, some localities or areas have PGs that are in high rate and some are in low rate. You have to figure out the budget you have only then look for the options for the PGs in the areas you want it to be in. once you have budget in mind, you would not get disappointed later on. you can easily get pg near manyata tech park that too in a budget that you have.


Another important thing that you have to be double sure is the safety. Do you think that the PG you are taking is safe? More importantly, do you feel that the area, region or society you are taking the PG is safe and good? What is the point if you get a low rate PG but that is in the area where the crime rate is really high? Come on, where you feel unsafe and really risky; there is no point of living therein. You can always find out the safety rate of the area once you talk to professionals or the authorities. Moreover, you can check on the internet too. Every city has some areas that are not too safe or have high crime rate.


Thus, once you have all these things in mind, you can easily get the best areas to live in Bangalore. After all, it is about your priorities.  You can get the PG that is as per your budget, safety, nearness and most importantly comfort.

Post Author: platin