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The task does not get completed the moment when you give money to the seller and buy your car. There are also other different kinds of formalities that have to be completed in order to ensure that your car is legal. It becomes important to get all of them completed. Else, the owner of the car may be charged with heavy penalties. Therefore, to avoid these penalties, below listed are some checks which will ensure that your car is legal on road:

  1. Ownership:

If you buy a brand new car from the showroom itself, the problem of frauds would not happen. But if you have bought a second-hand car from a car dealer, then there are chances that there may be some frauds happening. Changing the ownership of a car from one person to another involves a lot of paperwork. Thus, you must ensure that the car dealer performs this paperwork correctly and gives you the ownership of the car. Taking these measures while buying the car will ensure that your car is legal and you do not have to worry about ownership after buying it. 

2. Insurance:

Having insurance is not an option, it is mandatory by law. There are different kinds of insurance policies one can get for his car. The most economical option is CTP insurance for cars. It does not involve all the major benefits, but having this insurance will ensure that you have compulsory car insurance which will make your car legal.

3. Road Rules:

If you violate traffic rules, you will be fined for it for sure! Thus, you must know all the traffic rules and make sure that you follow them while driving your car. If you are caught violating the rules more than ones, your driving license may get canceled along with a heavy fine. All the road signboards, as well as traffic lights, should be strictly followed. Also, you must drive your car under the speed limit of that particular lane. Therefore, following all these road rules will ensure that you are safe to drive on road by law. 

4. License Plates and Horn:

A car should have a valid license plate that should be read easily from a distance. These license plates are required for both, rear as well as front ends of your car. On talking about the horn, in some states it is not allowed to blow a horn unless the situation is very urgent. On the other hand, there are states where honking on a particular street before making a turn is compulsory. Thus, the law for horns in cars depends on place to place. 

5. Emission Control Systems:

This deals with the exhaust of your vehicle. To make sure that your car is a nonpolluting vehicle, you must have a check on its exhaust emission and get emission control systems installed in your car. This has to be done since it is mandatory by law.