Robert Pattinson Doesn’t Like Bella/Edward Relationship

Robert Pattinson said he doesn’t really like Edward & Bella’s relationship. Twilight, New Moon,and Eclipse movie star, Robert Pattinson recently chatted with GMTV during the “Twilight Saga: New Moon” promotional tour,and he revealed quite a few things,which include not really agreeing with Edward and Bella’s relationship ( video clip below).

Robert Pattinson said that he really enjoyed filming “New Moon” because everyone was so relaxed,and Chris Weitz, the director was great and very calm. He talked about how amazing it is that they’ve already filmed two sequels within a year of the first “Twilight”movie coming out.

He said he didn’t really quite agree with Bella and Edward’s relationship because it’s the type that sort of alienates everyone else around them . They’re so caught up in themselves, that the friendships around them sort of drop off. He said he did quite a bit of his own stunts in “New Moon,” but not as many in “Twilight” because he got injured on the very first day.

He also revealed that he would never want to be a vampire in real life. However, the running fast ability is appealing to him. He also said he doesn’t like putting on that pale white make-up everyday. He talked about how his family feels about his career. He was also in a band. He wasn’t a fan of school or homework.

He talked about all the media attention. He said, it’s great to go back to England because no one even bats an eye at him over there. He feels normal again when he’s there. He concluded, by talking a little bit about the Volturi vampire clan and their history. He appeared to get a little confused,though.

“Twilight Saga: New Moon” is in theaters now. “Twilight Saga: Eclipse” hits theaters on June 30,2010.

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9 Responses to Robert Pattinson Doesn’t Like Bella/Edward Relationship

  1. J* says:

    I agree with him about Bella and Edward’s relationship and i rather want Bella to be with Jacob ( :O ) but you would always be afraid that he would imprint on someone else!

    It’s hard..

  2. suefromnc says:

    I just love Robert! I know this is his job to know the character so well but, he is very wise beyond his years. I wish people would listen to his interviews about Edward and Bella. The Twilight story is sooo not about just vampires and monsters! It is a beautiful love story and he really is the perfect Edward!! We should always be thankful to Catherine Hardwicke and Kristen Stewart for bringing this beautiful creature to all of us!!

  3. Riley says:

    He’s so down to earth. I lost myself in the love story. I do agree, once you step away from the story and look at the characters for what they are, it is a crippling love but most love stories through out history have been tradegic in one way or another.

  4. dio says:

    but he is match to be Edward,
    good actor
    he can play his character with good
    so, spirit!!!!

  5. Amanda says:

    Robert Pattinson is just the best i wish i could act with him in hollywood because i do love acting xx.

  6. Rose.. says:

    Only thing about Edward in the books is, if you really look at him. He is a master CREEPER. Creeping into your room, watching you sleep, he is a master manipulator, and well HELL if Edward ever was a person and that person looked like Rob for real. Would I care? Probably not, when you are in love and captivated by a person it is SO easy to lose yourself. Love can suffocate you. I think Edward’s redeeming qualities are that he is kind to her. I think that’s what all girls want really. A guy that is there (in body and mind), nice, protective and loves you deeply. I think all girls want what we are capable of giving to our love interestes back in return. I’ll admit it, girls are complex but I’m willing to explain it.. LOL

  7. Evee says:

    Aww he’s soo cute when he’s nerveous^^when he was talking about the makeup and insted of saying “you look so healthy without the makeup on”he said off.and then he just started blubering things(sorry for my bad English)

  8. Anne says:

    ” I Like Edward He Is Soo Handsome.” ” Very Cute.”

  9. Anne says:

    ” Well..” ” I Think That Bella And Edward Make a Very Cute Couple.” Indeed.” ^^ ^_^ :) ^^ ” He Is Soo Nice With Bella.” :) ^_^

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