Robert Pattinson Wants to be a Young Dad!

Robert Pattinson interview in Japan – he talks about being in Japan, playing the guitar, and how he wants to spend life in his 30s!

“I want to have a kid so I can make them really cool and then they can be my friend. And they’ll agree with everything I say.”

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25 Responses to Robert Pattinson Wants to be a Young Dad!

  1. panyfamily says:

    Awww….what a perspective RPattz has on the life ahead of him! That’s an adorable part I like about the Dads out there! He will definitely make a fabulous Dad!

  2. Suefromnc says:

    How cute!!! If Rob’s family is reading this…remind him about the ..”and they’ll agree with everything I say.” part when he does have kids!! :)

  3. german girl says:

    Mmmmmmmmmh, thats a funny, strange but nice mood he is in. Loved it. So THATS the real Rob, not the one from the other pics. Nooooo, I am not deceiving myself, what makes you think that…?

  4. kizzie says:

    I couldn’t understand the majority of her questions!.?..

  5. mayra says:

    awwwwwww i would hab it wit u

  6. Michelle says:

    Lots of pathetic little girls on here…come on the guy was joking around people…Seriously some of these fans would agree with anything, it is sad. This is one of the dumbest comments I ever heard from him. If it was true (which it is not)
    he would be in for a rude awakening! Kids never agree with what their parents say, it is quite
    the opposite actually. He does NOT read these, how often do you google yourself? And newsflash Mr Pattinson is famous and you’re not, you’d have better odds at winning the lottery
    than getting him to know you exist.

  7. lola says:

    someone has a little temper! 8-) @michelle
    lol.. he’s so funny!!

  8. kizzie says:

    I was thinking the same thing lola!.. ha.. Not sure what rattled your cage Michelle.. but the majority of people on here aren’t pathetic little girls at all!!.. HE was joking around! … sarcasm!.. I can’t see which post or comment got you so mad!?.. hey ho!

    (how do you know he doesn’t read these?.. he has openly said he spends far too much time googling himself.. Kristen too! .I’m sure he will have fleeted through this site at some point..I think it’s funny.. and he would have a damn laugh on this site.. there aren’t too many obsessives on here who agree with everything he says, does or wears).

  9. Suefromnc says:

    Well put Kizzie and Lola!!! Chill Michelle, we are all just having some fun!! We all agree on one thing—Rob is HOT!!!!

  10. iloverob says:

    uh. i’d like to be the kid’s old mom, if that’s ok.
    (i’m not like ancient or anything, but definitely older than rob :)

  11. kizzie says:

    he’s lovely!

  12. Betty says:

    I didn’t see anything wrong with the interview. I enjoyed it. I enjoy anything Rob does, but I don’t expect Rob to drive by my house for a date, but if he does, I’m ready.

  13. awww ^_^ that’s cute! ^_^

  14. Jennifer says:

    I was gonna say he has admitted that he reads stuff about himself…. wouldn’t you? I would. He’s human like everyone else and the need to know what people are saying about you is strong! :) But I think the majority of women and girls on here are pretty level-headed, that’s why I come here! And hell, even when they aren’t, it’s usually just harmless and funny. Like somebody said Rob’s thumb was sexy from that New Moon picture when he and Kristen kiss. ~;P

  15. rae says:

    I love this interview. It reminds me of all the Twilight junkets where he’s relaxed and just talking. I can not understand the third question at all. What is she asking in the third question??? It seems like she’s repeating something that he must have said and getting him to confirm it but it drops off and I can’t hear it. Bugging me.

  16. J* says:

    @rae i think its to do with Kristen and him cause i think his manager butts in and the interviewer says oh ok.

    How annoying would that be if he actually lookd through this site?? So close! but so far :(

    now i have to do it!
    Robert- hiya! :)

  17. Addy says:

    In one of his interviews at LA New Moon premier he mentioned something like telling stories to his grandkids about the atmosphere that evening so this in line with Japanese interview about what he’ll be around 30 yrs. old~being a young Dad. Good Luck to him and whoever his partner or wife would be. I’m sure he’ll prepare himself being a good “hands on” dad so he’s ready when that happens. There’s one thing tho-he has to stop smoking so as his future wife for the health of their future kids.
    I hope he makes the right decisions in life and learn from his mistakes.

  18. Robsbabe says:

    I like his mood in this interview — laid back, relaxed and a bit playful.

  19. Gift says:

    He wants to” make” a kid?????? He is so gay.

  20. Nastya says:

    А как же карьера?

  21. MARIA says:


  22. dio says:

    so,he ready to be a dad?
    I think he match….
    He is so mature
    Find out a good girl Rob!,,,!

  23. keen says:

    rob is amazing . and kristen too .. robsten hee hee!!!!

  24. anna says:

    even though rob’s probably old enough to be my dad (im 14 lol) i still think some of the things he does in these interviews when hes nervous is completely adorable haha(: hes really cute And thats my opinion and idont care wat anybody else has to say about :P if rob does read these comments i wanna say for benefit of the doubt Rob’s a great actor and think tht he has so much out there for him after Breaking Dawn. to the kids remark he made, tht was funny(: iknow he was jokin but i think he’d make a cool dad one day. if hes not with Kristen then i hope he finds a good girl… if he isss with Kris. thennn.. :D 2 thumbs up bahaha

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