Robert Pattinson at Comic Con 2009


SO I got to attend the press panel for Comic Con 2009 for New Moon. After starting 20 minutes late (and ending on time) we were all ready to see the stars! Rob walked in his signature plaid shirt. Kristen had her hair cut for The Runaways. And of course they answered questions… video of it all will be coming later.

As for now, enjoy some pictures! More coming – WiFi is really slow here!!! Keep hitting refresh :)

robert-pattinson-comic-con-1.jpg comic-con-2.jpg comic-con-3.jpg

comic-con-4.jpg comic-con-5.jpg comic-con-6.jpg comic-con-7.jpg  comic-con-8.jpg comic-con-12.jpg comic-con-11.jpg comic-con-10.jpg comic-con-16.jpg comic-con-17.jpg comic-con-18.jpg comic-con-19.jpg comic-con-20.jpg comic-con-21.jpg comic-con-22.jpg comic-con-23.jpg comic-con-26.jpg comic-con-25.jpg comic-con-25.jpg comic-con-28.jpg comic-con-30.jpg comic-con-31.jpg comic-con-32.jpg comic-con-33.jpg comic-con-34.jpg comic-con-36.jpg comic-con-35.jpg

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  1. Robfannomore says:

    Although Kristens acting seem to suck from what I saw on the trailer, Robs acting still appeared to be Good His behavior on the streets is what sucks. And R

  2. Robfannomore says:

    And Rob can be replaced, I could think of plenty of to die for actors that could fill his shoes.

  3. Kami says:

    @Ella and Natalie, why would you have so much hatred towards someone you do not even know? Why would you judge someone so harshly without ever talking to them? Leave Kristen alone!!!
    Do you realize how young she is?! Even if you do not like her “created by you” personality, let people who hire her make decisions about how articulate and smart she is or not… Find some interviews where she shines, then make your comments. She is who she is and entitled to her own opinion about the books as well. At least she is honest.
    The whole thing with Rob – we will never know now, they will hide their real life from all the wrong eyes… Clever move inspired by the media training.

  4. Kami says:

    Rob has security team to advise him how to act. Once you hire them – they tell you what to do. I have read that he had been advised not to look at the crowd. Can you imagine what it is to encourage the crowd in the uncontrolled environment like he is in?
    You should deal with your feelings as a fan differently in this situation. Try not to be selfish and consider his situation. Why to see him in person? Watch his movies instead – it is the best view of him ever.
    You have to realize that you can’t change the reality and most of us would never see him personally.

  5. Robfannomore says:

    Kami u seem to be inteligent, Do u think it was right for Rob to put down that Pap who was taking his pic, telling him he has no talent and should get another vocation. That was not cool. His security guards didn’t tell him to say those things, they were not there, check it out ur self. Those are the things that turned me off Rob. He came into this business with hopes to became rich and famous and the fans and paps are important to him accomplishing that. Imagine if all of the fans and paps stop seeing his films n didn’t acknowledge his existence, do u think his career would go anywhere. George Clooney once disrespected the paps when Princess DI passed away and the paps for a long time would turn their back on him and wouldn’t acknowledge him. He had to make friendly and apologize to the paps in other to get their attention. So Paps are important as are fans. Rob could keep his distance but show fans that he appreciate them. And if fans are so bad to Rob they should leave him alone but where will he be, Producers cast people who are popular and well liked bcause those people will bring the audience. I say this with full knowledge, I know this from EXPERIENCE and this is common sense.

  6. Ella says:

    Kami, due respect.

    I don’t hate K- I do not know the girl. All I’ve seen is what she projects. I have not FOUND an interview where she “shines”. That’s the way she is- sullen, inarticulate, socially challenged. I can understand that- she was homeschooled – she missed out on a lot of development. Ah, yes, the horrid junior high years. She never learned how to deal with certain situations as an adolescent- she was on a coddled movie set. While I’m not a fan of her acting ability, she seems to have the hardest time BEING KRISTEN. That also makes sense. She’s been pretending to be other people for most of her life. She probably has no idea how to be. And she is NOT new to Hollywood, aged be damned. Her family is IN the movie business- she grew up in it. Interviews, selling a film, doing press, being in the public eye- K has been around this for MOST OF HER LIFE. It’s not new to her. I get it that she does NOT do well speaking off script. That’s fine. But her disrespect of Twilight and its fans (which I got from actual interviews of her) was too much for me.

    If she HATES being the modern-day equivalent of Elizabeth Bennett and wants to fade into oblivion- she should. Handling this Twilight thing is apparently too much for her.

    I do not have ill will toward the girl. I believe she has some serious issues, that I HOPE are not being taken care of by self-medication. Sadly, she appears to be on something most of the time. Maybe she will get some peace after Breaking Dawn.
    I just do not care for her. Sorry- I know that upsets people.

  7. Kami says:

    Thanks Robfannomore! I had the same feeling as you after watching the video… but it is easy to explain why he was acting this way: I think that Rob had a few drinks and he was also out with his buddies, and may be he was showing off a bit as well…. he was genuinely shocked to see the Pap – it was supposed to be PRIVATE DINNER WITH HIS FRIENDS. I think to confuse FANS with Paps is not fare. I do not have to tell you how the latter make their living – it does not require a lot of talent, indeed – Rob was absolutely right with his comment. I think, personally, he was very nice – he did not say anything rude and even let him take a few more photos. Rob is also nice to many fans when he can. If someone spends countless hours day after day on the set of RM just to catch a glimpse of Rob, they have no real life of their own in my humble opinion. He is heading to work, not to pose and be a pretty boy. He is a Method actor which means that he is completely immersed in his character when on the set. What can he possibly do to make a crowd happy when he is working?
    So, do not feel ignored for no reason. He is just as human as everyone else is. He is new in the game of fame, so he is been taught to play it and learning it as we speak.
    About George and Paps. It helps to remember why we lost Di… Paps can be parasites in living their lives at the expense of others. How would you feel when your private moments are photographed and interpreted wrong? J.Depp moved to Europe to escape this experience, many stars have the photo shoots arranged together with their interviews( Brad and Angelina), etc, Zero actors rely on gossip mags to support fan base or career. They make good movies instead.

  8. Kami says:

    @Ella, well, of course, I understand your opinion… But we never really had a chance to learn who Kristen is…I have seen some interviews which helped me to see her in the different light… She did say once that her thoughts come in short , sometimes disconnected sentences. Her mom is a writer, may be she gets it from that creative side…I do not know… her Dad obviously did not like Twilight,and Kristen is standing for her family values. Twilight is considered to be not a great piece of art by many movie critics. Just see
    I liked it though… but I am just a normal woman, not a critic, I mean
    She is very young to know who real Kristen is, some people do by her age, she does not -I agree with you on that completely. She is growing into the actress and into the woman in a very public way, and it would not be as easy as running our private little lives. I hope she is coping well.
    I will try to look for the videos I’ve mentioned

  9. Kami says:

    @Ella, for example,on this site there are two videos: ( Kristen Stewart talks Twilight 1 and 2), you will have to search them on the right side of the page.

  10. Ella says:

    Thank you, Kami. I’ll take a look.

  11. joshua says:

    rob u look super kool……awesome as usual…..its only to see u i watch da twilite series… kristenz hair look awful. u rok buddy…….its only for u i sit on da internet…i lov u…

  12. joshua says:

    ur smile is a million dollar smile alwayz keep it up az it costs nthng.

  13. Anne Lewis says:

    No one knows for sure what has gone on between Rob & Kristen in their personal lives except Rob & Kristen. BUT, she was extremely rude to him at Comic Con and that is totally unprofessional. I agree with a lot of your comments……… her attitude is going to negatively affect the Twilight series, which is sad. Stephanie Meyers did such an excellent job on those books. I was so looking forward to seeing New Moon but after watching her in the videos and panels, I am not nearly as excited and I definitely feel bad for Rob. I do believe he is a very humble person.

  14. Robfannomore says:

    Kami; I totally understand your point and don’t get me wrong, I like Rob as an actor, I just feel it’s too early in the game for him to be acting like a pumpus a-s. The fans and paps are two different entities but he has compared his NY fans and paps as being the same. No matter what Rob thinks he needs both.When stars enter the industry they know they are giving up their right to privacy and they know they will affect fans in ways that makes no sense. And he chose to do this, In a recent interview he even expressed his liking his new life. Some females don’t acknowledge his poor behavior and makes excuses for him like he was drunk when he said this or he’s been under alot of pressure,but the reality is he’s not the first celeb to experience popularity, but the way he’s handeling it is all wrong. And I don’t know about any one else I don’t like mean spirited, rude, and ungratful people. NOT All of NY fans would embarrasse themselves as the NYU fans THAT DAY. And Rob knows the stories about NY fans are not accurate and he has not acknowledge that fact bcause it’s better for him as an actor to seem to be the craz of everyone And that is disrespectful to does fans that are not like that.

  15. Kami says:

    Robfannomore , it does not escape the reader of your posts that you do take things very personally without any chance from another party to clarify things. Rob, not Rob – I think you have to learn to stop attacking people from anonymous corner of your bedroom. Love yourself regardless what you “feel” from other people’s interactions with you. You are channeling a lot of unexplained hatred towards Rob, what did the guy do to you? You are rude and out of control with your posts sometimes, but there is the other side of you – brighter side which will make you happier at the end of the day:)
    No excuses are made for Rob, he had an extensive media training advising to be less emotionally available to the fans and media. The same with Kristen…

  16. Lillabet says:

    Right here’s my view for what it’s worth and I’ve said this on other sites too. Rob cannot do right for doing wrong can he? He never said that he was irritated or didn’t like NY or the fans…one of his own bodyguards confirmed that. I also read that he was told not to smile or acknowledge the crowd for fear of things getting out of controland this by his own Security Team….so what is he supposed to do. He was also WORKING or trying to. If he stopped to acknowledge the fans and started taking pictures etc that puts pressure on the film crew. Apparently they’re already two days behind schedule on RM due to the behaviour of a few fans and the PAPS. How do you think that makes him feel with regard to the rest of the cast and crew. He probably feels he’s responsible for it all. Pressure he doesn’t need.
    With regard to the incident with the PAP …..well good for Rob ….the bloke got what he deserved in my opinion. He could have been ruder to be honest but that isn’t Rob. I would imagine he would,ve loved to be able to say a few more choice words but restrained himself. I have no sympathy with the PAPS. After the appalling way they treated him at the airports and bullied and heckled him on the RM Set is it any wonder he hates the sight of them. Give the lad a blooody break. If so called fans don’t like it then he’s better off without them.

  17. darkstorm says:

    I agree with you Lillabet. What amazes me is how judgmental ppl are without knowing anything personally about ppl they are talking about. IMO many of you are so focused on hating Kristen despite your denials that you really don’t listen to what she says. Yes she may not finish in complete sentences to your satisfaction but when she describes her character and what motives her to perform her roles, her answers are really well thought out and honest. There are a lot of ppl who despite their professions are great one to one but when come to public speaking gets really nervous, it up to us while realizing this, to look beyond that. I also did not appreciate the Kristen’s comments that was initially published during twilight. Since then however; I have to give her credit that she has been reaching out to the fans more than she usually have. Also since her alleged R/K relationship (which I think it true and ongoing as well as some of my friends in the biz) she has been smiling and more relaxed with the public. Look at the VC pics. Unless of course it a stupid paps sticking a camera right up her face and asking stupid questions. Look at video while she was filling her car with gas come on ppl was that right. Apparently a few posters here have never experienced being in a glass bowl where everyone watches you and some even says horrible things just to get a rise out of you so they can print the most negative things about you in order to get another paycheck. I know I haven’t but I have seen it many times. That what most of the paps do. Look at the various videos of Rob at the airport and are you telling me what they did is right. I don’t care that Rob is famous that was highly disrespectful. Also keep in mind when they interrupt the set it drives the cost of production up. Who do you think will eventually pay for that. As for that dinner incident, I think Rob was highly restraint and could have said something more ugly. Other stars have don’t it too so it is not a unique thing for him alone. Even among the paps there are divisions on how to approach stars. The other thing that bother me about the so called fans is that we may not like who an actor chooses to share his/her life with however it is their life. The fact that a lot of fans says he or she could do better makes me laugh as if you know the actor so well that you could choose his/her mate for them. Kristen always says that one of her reason in choosing Rob is that he is not perfect. We only get a smidgen of what these ppl are in RL and I can assure you having met many celebs, a lot of them are different than the way they are portrayed. Some for the better some for the worst. Finally if I was to judge some of the posts written here they way they have judge these actors well I could easily say that the comments are purely based on jealousy. But I can’t so I won’t.

  18. Emy says:

    When you are truly in love or at least in a new love relationship, no matter how hard they try to hide their feelings and keep it a secret from the world, you simply cannot hide it.
    From the looks of it at Comic Con, R & K are NOT together, IMO..
    I don’t even think they ever got together. We don’t even know for sure if K broke up w/ her BF, nothing has been confirmed yet. I mean, let’s say, if K & M did break up for real and if R & K are truly attracted to each other, they might have talked about the possibility of going out.
    Maybe R & K needed to talk about that right before he had to fly to NYC.
    But maybe they decided that it’s too early or it just won’t work..that they’d rather wait till all the films are finished. Rob, especially will be so busy w/ one film after another and I am not sure about Kristen’s schedule. But long distance relationship ain’t gonna be easy, and they know it.
    Also, Rob has made one love story movie and will be in Bel Ami and other future films where he will be w/ other beautiful actressses in kissing/ bedscenes ( God, I hope!!)
    R & K are absolutely fed up w/ media gossip, the intrusion of paps in their lives, all the lies made about them.
    Kristen was not that friendly towards Rob during the press conference. You can tell by their body language, she leans closer towards Taylor and puts her arm around him intitially.
    At the end of the event, when all the cast took photos, she & Nikki looked like they were joking around w/Rob and laughing, but they just look like friends, nothing more than that.
    Only when you’re Rob & Kristen’s family, relatives, or close friends, then you will know the real truth whether they’re going out, still together or it just never happened. It may only be a wishful thinking by Robsten shippers.

  19. Ella says:

    Here are my issues with KS, which matters not at all to anyone but me. = )

    I am an adult woman with a fantastic life (Well, I try, anyway). I read the Twillight saga and loved it. I watched the movie, which is how I even know who KS & Rob ( and everyone else) are. Most fun- saw it many times. The being-jealous-of-a-teenage-actor is untrue, at least in my situation. Good Lord, I never want to be 18/19 again. Now is so much more fun. Yee-haw.

    I began listening to these people who made these great characters come to life. Rob came across as – well, Rob. Good guy. Not perfect, but he was appealing, funny- you know the deal with Robert Pattinson. Then I started listening to K. She, however, was first and foremost, seemingly very rude and disrespectful to her FANS and of the whole Twilight universe. Now, I’m a fan, but not in the, I- do- nothing- all- day- but- role- play- the- biology- class scene, sense. I have a life. SHE was most disparaging toward this whole project, which irritated me. For months she said stuff like that, until Summit wisely told her to shut up and change her tune. ( That whole, reaching out to her fans stuff? Instituted AFTER she ran her mouth off) I thought, ya know what, kid? YOU could be replaced in a heartbeat. And despite her youth, she is a seasoned actor. From a show biz family. She has been involved in this for half her life. But she always came across as “I’m SO MUCH BETTER than this stupid blockbuster movie!” Which really irritated me, as a FAN of the series. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you, kid. All the other cast members seemed to be able to project a grateful playfulness in being involved with this movie. Not her. She was surly, grumpy, rude, seemingly bored to have to be promoting the movie. And HIGH. She seemed out of it a lot of the time. I don’t buy the whole, “She’s shy, she’s uncomfortable with talking, she doesn’t like the attention….” Good Lord. She’s an ACTOR. She’s the flipping LEAD IN A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE. She’s done this for years. Figure out how to do your job. The rest of us have to do this. Welcome to adulthood. Or, you know, go work in a factory, where you don’t need to interact with others.

    I do not get this “How can you judge someone you don’t know personally?” Well, let me see. They only way I can. I watched interviews with her. I read articles about her (not the gossip crap, which actually painted her to be some near-perfect person. BTW). I LISTENED to her talking about how much she really didn’t care for her current job, and how she cannot wait until she moves on (“K, what was the best part of filming in Italy?” ” When it was over.” )
    Now, some see this as edgy, honest, punk, darkly humorous. I saw it as rude. Ungrateful. You are supposed to be promoting a movie, not explaining how you are socially inept. I do not care that you hate talking to people. It’s part of your job. I read with complete bafflement at the “Robsten” lies, when I *watched* her rudely and dismissively write off her costar. Chemisty? Um, perhaps on screen. In real life, she always seemed pissed off at him, despite what that nut job on E! Online writes.
    And the paps can all rot in hell- they are parasites. Hate them. Which is why I’m not famous, ’cause I’D HURT them. And be in jail.

    I do not need to be in the mind or social circle of Rob or KS. I love my own life. I realize we only get to see a snapshot of them. They are just actors, not real people in my wonderful, amazing, nutty real life. That’s OK. I enjoy watching Rob, I’m a fan, which is why I write novels on this site. But, I am an adult, and do not fantasize about marrying the guy. My husband would protest. (Probably) I drew a conclusion about K from her actions and comments this past year. And after watching Comic Con- she’s not proven me wrong. Yes, I realize these actors can be complete bastards in real life- but, they are not IN my REAL LIFE. I need to see them as characters on a screen- and that’s about it. Sean Penn- phenom actor. Real life- um, not impressed. Robert De Niro? Worst interview subject EVER- great actor. KS? I was irked, as a fan, that she seemed to disrespect the story I love. Plain as that. NO one needs to agree with me. That’s just how I feel.

    I wish her well. I just do not care for her, for many reasons. Sorry, I do not see that changing- and that’s important to no one but me.

  20. Lillabet says:

    Well done Ella that’s a brilliant post! Love your comments – echo my sentiments exactly. I hope that in the promotion they have to do for New Moon that they pair Rob up with someone other than Kristin. I think I’ll explode if she carries on with hr current attitude towards him. What the hell is her problem. She’s doing a job thousands of other talented young actresses would die for. It’s a shame in a way that Rob had to do Comic-Con this year but then we wouldn’t have seen him. I want to see more individual interviews of him where he can express himself in his own unique inimitable way without fear of mockery or interruption from his so called co-’star’
    (sarcastic use of inverted commas!

  21. Wise Woman says:

    Guys, the studio has gone wacko and has caused the “uncomfortable” feeling in all of he Comic con footage. They position Rob away from Kristen – they probably have instructions not to even touch each other. Looking at the photos from the Twilight movie event where Kristen is reunited with Nikki – its looks very much like Rob engineered that for Kristen – look at his smug look and the body language with the crossed arms – she wants to hug him for it and he can’t do anything but keep his arms crossed so they don’t violate the dictum of the stupid studio. This studio ingnored all the in your face truth that Rob Pattinson is the Twilight Franchise. No one else. They should have bent the second book to include him in the movie physically – not just flashes. I never saw any business throw money in the trash like Summit. I predict the New Moon movie will have a great opening because the fans have to see it. I don’t think it will get the repeat visits by fans (some saw trilight in the double digiits). Hopefully the next movie has the star back in the forefront – it should and hopefully the fans are not tired of the whole thing by then. It is obvious Kristen has nothing but love and care for Rob. Part of their relationship is a ying and yang thing that teases each other. One look tells you he loves here dearly. He is a sweet guy and deserves to be with the girl of his choice. The business and their individual levels of endurance will determine how it all turns out.

  22. Ella says:

    Lillabet, maybe they should team up Rob with Rachelle (Victoria) for the Eclipse press junket- and get Taylor, too. There is still MUCH tension between Jacob & Edward, and Victoria is the baddie. Taylor is a pro with the press, and Rachelle is great, too. And, of course, Rob is fabulous.

    THAT would be a great bunch of interviews, with those three. Leave the sulky, sullen one at home.

  23. Lillabet says:

    Absolutely! Sounds good to me! I feel awful criticizing Kristin because Rob clearly is besotted with her but I can’t stand her now. Ugh. Do you know…..I’ll be glad when he can move on from Twilight and I feel really sad saying that.

  24. Kami says:

    Wow, a bunch of new wonderful posts. BRAVO!
    We all want the best for Rob at least. Ella is quite passionate about her point of view re:Kristen, I see where you coming from absolutely, I probably would feel the same way ,but there is a part of me that just would not allow… Kristen is not perfect as you were at 18/19, Ella.I was more mature as well, but we are not her.
    About them… Kristen is a normal heterosexual woman who spent months around Rob,not blogging about him but being close friends at least. She is very interested in him, but it scares her at the same time, because of all the female insanity around Rob. She likes(possibly,loves) him, but she is very unsure about sharing it with him, let alone with others. She does not know how he will be affected at the end of the day by all this attention. She does not know a lot about him in real life apart from working when he was in the character… Kristen and Rob were terrified with all the rumors about them. So, of course, they would now play the role of not being interested in each other in public, and they can overdo being rude(K), distant(R), etc. We should never forget they are actors and would make you believe anything… I have to agree with Wise Woman on that part. They are so into each other – it is hard not to notice.

  25. Ravensigh says:

    Would you please caption the videos of this, for the hearing impaired? Thank you. We love Rob too, ya know (we’ve got eyes!)

  26. Ravensigh says:

    By the way, lots of actors have social anxiety disorders and are mistaken for being rude. And that’s all I have to say about that.

  27. ReallyintoRPattz says:

    Raven, contact them and tell them about it. You should have the ability to share in the love for Rob to.

  28. Anna Szwarc says:

    Hasn’t anyone seen the photos just before the conference? There are several photos with Kristen leaning on Rob and if one looks close enough between her and Taylor, her arm is slightly on Taylor’s back but Rob’s hand is holding her wrist. It lasts several frames until they sit down.

    IMHO, they have been told to stay away from each other in public especially with anything pertaining to the new movie.

  29. Ella says:

    Anna, did not see that, but I did see the video clip where Kristen was rude & obnoxious (maybe messing around, maybe high?) to him, and saw several where she was literally hanging all over Taylor. I watched many a clip this past year when (while they were both sitting there) she looked as if she wanted to walk out of the room. And I have seen MULTIPLE pictures of K being WAY MORE physical with Nikki Reed than she ever was with Rob (unscripted).

    If one looks close enough, one will see whatever they want to see. Myself included.

  30. Roxy says:

    Hey im posting this here because I dont know where can i get other responses from fans like me lol. But i was recently in another fans page (not that this one isnt great already) but they have posted more videos of comic con, and i dont know if its that im interpreting right or just my crazy head but for the first part of the interview kristen and rob have serioulsy something going on. i mean whenever taylor would answer a question robert would put his hand over the mouth covering his urge to laugh while looking at kristen, meanwhile you follow her sight and shes looking at robert most of the time also laughing, and putting her head down to like pretend or avoid laughing. please check it out and let me know if its that im crazy or not! I know they say they have nothing and i dont doubt that but apparently recently somthing is sort of growing, becuase in previous pictures i notice that her body language is that of ” i dont feel comfortable around him” and his “all over her” soo idk whats going on but i have a feeling pretty soon we’ll get news his sort of taken!!

  31. Kami says:

    Ella,I enjoy reading your comments.
    Here is what I think, there is no chance people will see pregnancy coming from the relationship of Kristen with Niki ! However, the minute she gets friendly with Rob – watch out. You truly see what you want to see, and since you hate Kris so much you interpret this way. I respect your opinion, but I also prefer to leave a bit more room for Kristen to make her choices. Also, I would really avoid saying that she is high…
    By the way, I read that Kristen worked for 12 hours on the set and then drove to San Francisco, arriving at 1:30 am . I would be tired after such activities personally. She always said in the interviews that she likes to be a tomboy and does not feel comfortable in the dress.
    Rob does not really care about how she looks, he has seen her many times with great hair( he did say once that he likes her hair) and in nice outfits. He would not judge…
    Roxy, I agree with you. Their body language is that they like each other a lot. Rob is so kind, he is trying very hard to protect them from nasty gossips.

  32. Courtney uk says:

    What is this a cult. You talk about Robert as if you know him. It’ s scary. No wonder he is afaid of you fans and the way you talk about poor Kristen. It’s no wonder Rob preferre us fans over you lunatics. You guys are scary, get help.

  33. anne09 says:

    gosshhh…everybodys soo..good in writing their opinion..
    and I’m with you kami n wise woman..(i stiil believe that there’s something going on between R n K)
    but i like ella too…keep writing guys..!!
    cos i love to read it..

  34. yoyogrl says:

    EW! kristen stewarts hair is retrared! ive seen way better her hair is from this dumb movie. maybe she should just wear a freaken wig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. heya says:

    hey I so think te same about the hair [ it is a wig for your info]. oh and anne09 they are getting married.[did you hear abut him going to jail for rape!!!???]

  36. tdog says:

    Hey i was at comic con i rocked.

  37. tdog says:

    It was sooooooooooo cool you got some good photos their. dont let them go.

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