Robert Pattinson Shooting ‘Remember Me’ At Night


*UPDATED* Working well into the night, Robert Pattinson was busy filming scenes for his upcoming movie “Remember Me” in New York City on Monday.

After showing up to the set a few hours earlier, Robchanged into a plaid button-down shirt before joining up with his co-stars to shoot a few scenes including one in which he gets arrested by the police.

Also added more pictures where we see Rob’s stunt double and he gets lifted into the air!

robert-pattinson-remember-me-night-1.jpg robert-pattinson-remember-me-night-2.jpg robert-pattinson-remember-me-night-3.jpg robert-pattinson-remember-me-night-4.jpg robert-pattinson-remember-me-night-5.jpg

robert-pattinson-remember-me-night-6.jpg robert-pattinson-remember-me-night-7.jpg robert-pattinson-remember-me-night-8.jpg robert-pattinson-remember-me-night-9.jpg robert-pattinson-remember-me-night-10.jpg robert-pattinson-remember-me-night-13.jpg robert-pattinson-remember-me-night-12.jpg robert-pattinson-remember-me-night-14.jpg robert-pattinson-remember-me-night-15.jpg robert-pattinson-remember-me-night-16.jpgrobert-pattinson-remember-me-night-25.jpg

robert-pattinson-remember-me-night-17.jpg robert-pattinson-remember-me-night-18.jpg robert-pattinson-remember-me-night-19.jpg robert-pattinson-remember-me-night-20.jpg robert-pattinson-remember-me-night-21.jpg robert-pattinson-remember-me-night-23.jpg robert-pattinson-remember-me-night-22.jpg robert-pattinson-remember-me-night-24.jpg


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9 Responses to Robert Pattinson Shooting ‘Remember Me’ At Night

  1. Angie says:

    I feel so bad for Rob. He looks so tired and worn out and the paps flashing cameras, I am sure, is not helping. I know that he is strong enough to take the brutal filming schedule, but I also know the poor guy is going to need a short vacation after this. He starts filming Eclipse in a couple of months so I really hope he has a chance to relax. We Rob fans do not want our Rob to collapse from exhaustion. Please take some time to relax Rob.

  2. Cole22 says:

    Poor babe

  3. Miley says:

    i feel so bad tear tear cry cry he needs a break

  4. Cole22 says:

    Wish I could give him a cuddle :)

  5. cathy Miller says:

    I just want to know how Rob’s mother would feel knowing her son is constantly harressed and hitted by a cab. If people keep attacking him he will move back to London. In London he can walk down a street without being attacked.

  6. cathy Miller says:

    If I met Rob and maybe if he reads this comment I would ask him to go on a pub crawl with me and play some pool. I would love to really have a great night out with him drinking and just having a laugh. I am pretty sure he would have a great night out with me as he could just be himself and relax.

  7. cathy Miller says:

    Does anyone believe Rob is a virgin. Does anyone reckon he has made love to a woman ever and touched her intimately?

  8. Kelsey says:

    i really want to see this movie :D i feel so bad for him i hope he takes sometime for himself so he can just relax he has to be so stressed out from the filming schedule and the paparazzi :(
    I love you Rob <3

  9. Pippa says:

    Cathy: Very astute comments! I would be worried silly, if he were my son to be on the end of this behavour. As for the pub crawl/play pool – an excellent idea.

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