More ‘Details’ Outtakes!



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  1. Elle says:

    I know some people find nudity artful and in some cases I can understand it passing for art or being sexy or erotic and some of this shoot to me is great even though I really dislike nudity in any format. I certainly think rob was great and looked great throughout but the above I find tasteless! That’s not being suggestive or showing off the beatufy of the naked body, I seriously can’t see the art in it when it’s obvious that it’s trying to trun the male/lesbian viewer on. I agree with what someone else posted about most of the shots being about rob and not the naked models but the above picture to me has nothing to do with rob. It’s about a naked woman pressing herself against the back side of another women who is provocatively dressed, it just screams girl on girl anal sex to me not anything remotely tastefully erotic, suggestive or sexy. It’s just marketing sex and rob happens to be sitting in a near by chair.

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