Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) fury is peaking to an unprecedented level as over one lakh patients were infected across the globe in the last two days, taking the overall tally to 6,00,000 patients.

Data analysis by experts shows if it took 67 days for the virus to infect the first one lakh people, while the next one lakh were infected in the next 11 days. The number reached 3 lakh in another four days and 4 lakh figure was touched in the next three days. It took just 2.5 days for the deadly virus to touch the 5-lakh figure and just 48 hours to infect total 6 lakh people.

Timeline of coronavirus infections worldwide

  • 1 lakh – 67 days
  • 2 lakh – 11 days
  • 3 lakh – 4 days
  • 4 lakh -3 days
  • 5 lakh – 2.5 days
  • 6 lakh – 2 days


Of all the nations, Italy, Spain, UK and Iran are facing the biggest crisis. Italy and Spain have reported nearly 15,000 deaths in the last one week alone. In Italy, nearly 1,000 people died in the last 24 hours. As more and more countries get affected due to the virus, the number in the United States has crossed 1 lakh, shifting the epicentre towards it.  

As per the analytical progression of the disease based on infections for the current 4,36,016 people as of March 28, around 23,523 people will get into complications and likely minimum death toll would be 27,052, according to Dr KK Aggarwal, President Confederation of Medical Associations of Asia and Oceania (CMAAO) and former president of the Indian Medical Association.

He says the number of cases in the country should start reducing from today because of a nationwide restriction of movement and the countrywide lockdown. India so far has reported 20 deaths, with less than 900 confirmed Covid-19 cases.

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